Qingdao WuShengGuan Holiday Hotel is located in the beautiful scenery of the huiquan bay, facing the world famous natural bathing beach, has national style reserve "badaguan" scenic spots. Huiquan square, zhongshan park, underwater world distribution around the wooden footway, all the nations around the buildings around.

  Natural bathing beach

Qingdao first bathing beach is located in huiquan bay, with a length of 580 meters, the width and meters beach, is Asia's largest bathing beach. Here three sides, with green trees, the modern high-rise building and the traditional villa building skillfully together, the scenery is very beautiful.


Badaguan, it shows the Qingdao "red tile in green trees and blue sky" characteristics of scenic spot, is located in the northern scenic spot huiquan Angle. Many people believe that badaguan is eight road, in fact, as a relatively complete and protected blocks, in addition to the Great Wall ten pass named 10 road besides, badaguan includes the rongcheng road, covers an area of more than 70 hectares.

  Zhongshan park

And all the way between huiquan square is the largest comprehensive park, Qingdao zhongshan park. Park from three sides, south sea, natural made this place scenery beautiful land. The lush trees, branches and leaves hanging down in clusters, Qingdao urban vegetation landscape distinctive scenic spot.

  Qingdao lu xun park

Qingdao lu xun park, huiquan scenic spots, is also the first Qingdao most characteristics of the park. Park along the long and narrow rock coast things stretch, east Qingdao aquarium and first bathing beach, the span continuous 2 kilometers, park red coral reefs, clear water, pine.


Trestle is the symbol of Qingdao. Located in the QingDaoWan, and the city's most prosperous zhongshan road into a straight line, the coast extension forward into the sea, known as the "changhong far lead" of reputation. At the beginning of the bridge was built in the eighteenth year of guangxu (1892 AD), is the earliest Qingdao pier.

  Nearby attractions

Hotel located occupy the most abundant tourism resources, back on the famous badaguan scenic spot, facing the world famous first bathing beach and huiquan square, xiaoyu hill, the underwater world scenic spots such as; There are days near tai stadium, too straight Angle wooden footway, signal hill, Xiaoqingdao, laoshan, May Fourth Square and tourist attractions.