Qingdao WuShengGuan Holiday hotel is located in the beautiful scenery of the huiquan bay, facing the world famous natural bathing beach, has national style reserve "badaguan" scenic spots. Huiquan square, zhongshan park, underwater world distribution around the wooden footway, all the nations around the buildings around. Red tile in green trees, the wind chaton; The big blue, amorous feelings. WuShengGuan Holiday Hotel is located the most abundant tourism resources of the hotel, one of leisure business office's ideal stays at the place.

WuShengGuan Holiday hotel is a four-star standard construction according to the set accommodation, catering, entertainment, meeting in an integrated resort hotel. Not only comfortable elegant all kinds of guest rooms and food service, and provide supporting business center, modern meeting facilities and complete function gym, bath center, KTV room, chess &cards room services.

Address:NO.3 WuChangLu Southern District Qingdao China (Near The First Bathing Beach and Dadaguan)

Nearby Attractions And Cultural Entertainment  
  • The first bathing beach

  • Asia's largest bathing beach

  • Distance from 0.1 kilometers

  • Badaguan

  • Qingdao landmark attractions, "universal building museum"

  • Distance from 0 kilometers

  • Sea World

  • The first one has the open ocean laboratory of the Sea World

  • Distance from 1 kilometers

  • Zhongshan park

  • Qingdao's largest comprehensive park

  • Distance from 0.2 kilometers

  • trestle

  • Qingdao landmark attractions

  • Distance from 2 kilometers

  • Day Thai stadium

  • Predecessor is Qingdao first stadium, after the transformation, renamed as Qingdao day Thai stadium

  • Distance from 0.1 kilometers

  • Hong Kong middle road

  • Qingdao financial center

  • Distance from 2 kilometers

Government agencies and business
  • The people's government of Qingdao

  • Qingdao functional management department is located

  • Distance from 2 kilometers

  • Hong Kong road, zhongshan road

  • Qingdao's most prosperous, the most high-end, the most concentrated leisure shopping center

  • Distance from 2 kilometers

Surrounding traffic
  • Railway station

  • distance form 4 kilometers

  • Take a taxi about CNY12

  • Bus station

  • distance form 6 kilometers

  • Take a taxi about CNY16

  • airport

  • distance form 35 kilometers

  • Take a taxi about CNY100