The hotel has three restaurants in different styles, and provide various flavors of food. Is located in the first floor cafeteria can accommodate 90 people dining, provide authentic international flavor buffet. 2 "man ting fang" Chinese restaurant has more than 120 seats, warm and elegant environment, the bond seafood served as the main characteristics, can receive large conference organization and reception dinner. The hotel has another in different floor decoration is elegant, charming scenery, romantic warmth of the banquet rooms, AD hoc cooking excellent chef cooking various traditional and innovative delicacies.


Operating time

breakfast: 07:00—09:00

lunch: 11:30—14:00

dinner: 18:00—21:00

  Rooms and restaurants


Top-grade party

Team dinner

Banquet rooms

WuShengGuan Hall

Jiayuguan Hall

Zhengyangguan Hall

Shanhaiguan Hall

Zijingguan Hall